Concerns over the CarbonNet project

Janine MacLeod, Golden Beach


I HAVE been hesitant in speaking out about my fears of the CarbonNet project for Victoria, Australia and Golden Beach offshore.

But I have attended every CarbonNet public session to date, and my concerns have not been alleviated.

I have not received satisfactory responses to my questions.

I respect there are persons far more scientifically minded than myself and appreciate their efforts.

Though emotions are strong, I will keep to fact.

A seismic survey was conducted offshore at Golden Beach in February 2018.

The few ‘stakeholders’ informed were told they would not even know it was happening and there would be no effects.

However, they were told not to enter the water, other than waist deep while seismic testing was conducted.

I live about 200 metres from the main beach access, and I could hear, and literally feel the earth move when sonic booms were used.

I do not have the marine science to understand how this may have affected marine life.

This particular project is a first, and has not been proven.

There are many facets of project to consider – capture, storage and monitoring.

We are told the pipeline to be used will be made of carbon steel, and there will be an added cost of a “drying factor” to alleviate corrosion.

We were told at a recent session that the worst possible scenario of a leak, on, or offshore, would simply mean that the carbon dioxide would dissipate into the air.

Isn’t the whole point of the project to counter this?

It is likely there would be other contaminants like hydrogen sulfide at unknown levels.

Our money should be better spent.

As far as providing employment to this area, this is a very scientific project.

With due respect to all readers, I do not see this project being valuable to the employment status in this community.

There is a link to more on the project: