Duck hunting brings income to communities

Jeff Bourman, Eastern Victoria MLC


IT has become abundantly clear that the 2020 duck season announcement is a fight between ideology and a data-driven, scientific position.

This fight is about more than just duck hunting – it is a fight to ensure ideology doesn’t overtake governments, resulting in bad decisions in spite of evidence to the contrary.

It would appear that the season details are going to be a “captain’s call” given neither combatant is willing to capitulate.

Should this come to be, I implore Premier Daniel Andrews to look at the facts surrounding the issue and make a decision to go ahead with the recommendations of the Game Management Authority.

He should not fall into the trap of supporting a position that cannot be arrived at from following data and facts.

Duck hunting is a recreation that brings desperately-needed income into rural and regional communities.

The drought has not been severe in all of Victoria, with some areas experiencing flooding.

As logic dictates, water doesn’t burn, so the recent bushfires will have had negligible effect on duck numbers.

Mr Andrews should make a decision based on what’s right – not what’s easy.