Local newspapers are vital for communities

Kathy Mansfield, Sale


Life in a rural town brings so many benefits to those of us who are lucky enough to be able to work or retire here in Gippsland.

The sense of “community” is one of those benefits – the feelings of belonging, being part of the heart of a town or city – are simply not the same in large cities like Melbourne.

Another contributor to the “togetherness” within smaller towns or cities is the capacity of the local newspaper to enhance the information sharing among townsfolk.

Here in Sale I hear that the Gippsland Times is planning to be able to continue publication in its hard copy form.

We are so lucky considering the news that so many “local” papers across Australia are being reduced to digital-only publications.

Their overseas owner requires higher profitability, and caring less, about either staff, or living standards in rural Australia.

While at present it appears that we will retain local news and social gathering and sharing, I believe that we should not take this valuable service for granted.

I hope that residents will support the viability by either subscribing to, or advertising in the Gippsland Times.