Ramahyuck does an amazing job

Jen Parker, Sale


DURING the past week I – like many other Gippslanders – have been thinking about memorials and their place in our community.

In my meditations on the subject I found myself thinking about how ironic it is that the Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation headquarters is almost across the road from the McMillan cairn in Sale, yet we didn’t hear anything from this organisation during the debate.

I think Ramahyuck is an amazing organisation that is a bit of a lifesaver right across Gippsland.

I’d hate to think what life would be like for many people without its services.

The seed for Ramahyuck as we know it was planted by Noel Yarram Senior and his family, and has grown into a beautiful tree that cares and nurtures the whole community.

Yes, memorials are important, and maybe while we are on the subject, we can also think about other people that deserve to be honoured for great works that have contributed across Gippsland.

Who they are would teach us much.