Smashing monuments will not solve problems

A. Andrews, Sale


IF Wellington Shire councillor Carolyn Crossley wants to go around smashing monuments in the mistaken idea it will appease the indigenous community for wrongs committed in the past, then she is nave.

The indigenous community views us as white invaders.

Smashing monuments will not change that.

Cr Crossley is an elected officer of the Wellington Shire and as such, is accountable to all residents of the shire, not just a small minority group.

All lives matter, not only black lives.

White people die in custody as well.

If we want to use the ‘deaths in custody’ call, then give the full statistics.

A large number of these deaths were from natural causes, as were white deaths.

I’m not suggesting that no wrongs have been committed … there has.

Who are we to judge Angus McMillan by today’s standards, when he, and other earlier settlers faced a much harsher environment?

He couldn’t pick up the phone and call the police when he found Aborigines killing his stock. He took the only option available to him.

If Cr Crossley wants to jump on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon and go around smashing our history, then she should reconsider her position as she is not representing the wider views of the electorate.