The perfect time now to promote Wellington

John Atkinson, Sale


THE Victorian government needs to open up for city people to move to country regions.

This pandemic has finally showed there is a better way.

Our local Wellington Shire Council – along with newly-elected council and council officers, real estate agents and all business could benefit out of a shift out of city living to our beautiful Wellington Shire.

Sale with its parks and nearby nice beach and rural towns and farming areas needs to show our city cousins Wellington could be a nice place to live.

Ideas need to be put forward; better ideas than other regions.

There has not been a better time to promote Wellington as an alternative living area.

More people, more homes, more rates revenue, a better lifestyle for Wellington.

Resettle some food manufacturing out of Melbourne that should be in the country anyway, including any new business that could provide work and a good lifestyle in Wellington.

Sale City and vibrant towns in the shire could be perfect for retirees to pull up stakes and sell in the city right now and buy in our area – and still have money in their pockets.