Alberton wind-up motion defeated

Liam Durkin

A MOTION to wind-up the Alberton Football-Netball League was defeated at a special general meeting last Thursday, meaning the league will again function with six clubs in 2019.

The motion was carried in less than five minutes by a vote of 4-2, with Fish Creek and Stony Creek voting in favour of winding up the AFNL, yet deliberation into planning for the region’s foreseeable future extended to a number of hours thereafter.

With the majority of Alberton clubs having previously signaled their intentions of voting against a disbandment, AFL Gippsland will continue to work with the clubs directly involved to put in place implementations for 2020 and beyond.

This latest episode continues the revolving door of the Alberton league saga, after it appeared certain it would go under and clubs would be playing elsewhere in 2019, only for AFL Victoria to swoop in at the last minute and rule otherwise.

In a statement, the Tarwin Football-Netball Club said that it would “reconfirm both its commitment to the AFNL in 2019 and also work extremely closely with the AFNL board of management, AFNL clubs and AFL Victoria/Gippsland in exploring and developing various proposals to either expand the current AFNL or any other opportunities, such as Tarwin’s suggestion for a two divisional West Gippsland competition”.

Similarly, the Toora FNC indicated that it would be “business as usual” and that the club was in the process of finalising its coaches for next season.

Fish Creek president Jason Harding said his club had yet to hear back from the AFL commission, after the club sent chairman Richard Goyder and his administrators a formal letter outlining the clubs predicament.

“We went straight to the top to try and force the hand of a league that’s being decimated over the last few years,” Harding explained.

In the letter, which can be viewed on the Facebook page ‘Save the Alberton Football Netball League’, Fish Creek opened up their plight and demanded answers from the AFL.

“All the Alberton clubs are keen to get back to a larger group of teams,” Harding said.

“We certainly do not want to be sitting in this same spot in 12 months time.”

Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside, in recess until March but still technically affiliated with the Alberton FNL, were not invited to cast a vote at the meeting.