Feeding the dishlickers

Liam Durkin

LOCAL greyhound trainers were the beneficiaries of a tremendous show of generosity from Greyhound Clubs Victoria and Greyhound Racing Victoria recently, with bags upon bags of dog food made available to help the industry during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pallet loads of dog food made its way to various parts of the state, as trainers took the opportunity to purchase them at significantly discounted rates.

In Warragul, more than 280 bags were sold to registered Gippsland based trainers.

Greyhound Clubs Victoria chairman Adrian Scott said the initiative was important in addressing issues trainers are facing.

“Being able to secure a significant quantity of dog food for our greyhounds has been a challenge,” he said.

“The welfare of our dogs is an industry priority. It is important to understand we have ordered additional stock of dog food which will not impact current supply levels.”

Mr Scott applauded the trainers and staff at all 13 Victorian greyhound tracks for abiding by the rules, listening to the advice from the chief health officer and enabling the sport to continue safely.

Greyhound Racing Victoria chief executive Alan Clayton said he was also pleased to be contributing to the project.

“We know some of our trainers have been having trouble finding food for their dogs and GRV is pleased to join with Greyhound Clubs Victoria to support our trainers by sourcing dog food and offering it at discount rates,” he said.

Greyhound racing is continuing at all venues, including Sale, behind closed doors.