Review recommends Alberton and Mid Gippsland leagues join forces

AFL Victoria is considering recommendations for football in Gippsland as a report into senior competitions has been published by consulting company Colgan Bauer.

The report contains two recommendations:

The six Alberton Football-Netball League clubs integrate into the Mid Gippsland FNL competition to create a 15-club competition. This recommendation should be in place for the 2021 season.

Create divisional football in the western corridor of the Gippsland region by 2025. The timing allows for the planning required to shift to this model and assess the impact of the current shutdown. This proposal provides for greater flexibility the teams that may look to join the western leagues as it supports competitive balance.

While the recommendations don’t affect the North Gippsland league, the report lists shifting some clubs to the NGFNL among changes to be considered in the future.

The Alberton-Mid Gippsland proposal is almost identical to the recommendation from an AFL Gippsland review in 2018, which was successfully appealed against by MGFNL clubs. The difference in this review is Alberton clubs joining Mid Gippsland, not the creation of a new league.

The MGFNL previously stated it was willing to only accept three Alberton clubs.