Wildfighter Round 8

Undefeated pro boxer Max Reeves with Wellington Shire Mayor, Councillor Ian Bye.

Zoe Askew

In partnership with Wildfighter Boxing, The Wellington Shire’s Middle of Everywhere campaign is bringing a star-studded event to Sale.

Wildfighter Round 8 will be held at the Gippsland Regional Sports Complex on Saturday, July 16, headlined by Stratford’s undefeated pro boxer Max Reeves and Bairnsdale’s Blake Wells.

Above: Wildfighter boxer, Blake “Bomber” Wells, former IBO World Champion Boxer Will Tomlinson, Wellington Shire Mayor Ian Bye and champion Stratford boxer Max Reeves. Photo: Zoe Askew

Wellington Shire Mayor Ian Bye said bringing the Wildfighter event to Gippsland was a significant achievement for The Middle of Everywhere campaign.

“This is a prestigious event with a potential future world champion,” Cr Bye said.

“To bring this event to the Gippsland Regional Sports Complex, it’s the first time we have ever done this, and it’s quite an achievement for The Middle of Everywhere to bring that to Wellington.”

Wellington Shire Mayor Ian Bye and champion Stratford boxer Max Reeves. Photo: Zoe Askew

Featuring alongside Gippsland local boys Reeves and Wells is Cesur Afacan, Luke Gersbeck, Bayden Ashwood and Wildfighter Gym Wars 4.

Cr Bye, who was joined by Wildfighter’s best talent, local stars and event organiser, former IBO world champion boxer Will Tomlinson at the event’s launch, expects a large crowd of all ages to attend the fight night.

“The event could bring up to 2000 people or more,” Cr Bye said.

“To bring that to the local economy, it helps with what we have gone through with COVID. It helps to fill our pubs, our clubs, our accommodation; it is great for our local economy.”

Photo: Zoe Askew Former IBO World Champion Boxer Will Tomlinson

Reeves, who won the National Amateur boxing title as a 15-year-old in 2016, has not lost a bout since turning professional in 2019.

He said he is excited to be fighting in his hometown but will the pressure to uphold his reputation with so many friends and family in the crowd be detrimental?

For local boxing fans, you can catch Reeves, Blake Wells and their trainer Paul Carroll on Friday, July 2 at Sale Shopping Mall, where they will be hosting an open workout from 12 noon.

Information about the event is available at The Middle of Everywhere website, and tickets are available to purchase at wildfighter.com.au.