WHEN Rosedale headed to Woodside on Saturday, it was season-on-the-line stuff for the travelling Blues.

For Woodside, it was a chance to arrest an alarming slide that has seen them win just one of their last five outings.

With so much to play for between these two evenly matched teams, it was no surprise that the result came down to the final seconds of a 33-minute long final term.

It must be said though that things looked decidedly different at half-time, as a four-goal to one second term gave the visitors all the momentum heading into the long break.

With Rohan Diamond and Tom Northe in everything for the Blues, it looked like Rosedale was going to run away with a win that would see them still a chance to claim a top five position by season’s end.

Woodside’s dual skippers, Daniel Missen and Ryan Foat though had other ideas. Missen’s efforts up front dragged the Wildcats back into the game, along with those of underrated goal-kicker David Waddell who finished with three majors.

Foat too (who set a new games record for Woodside and District at the weekend with 250) was in everything for the Wildcats after the break. Be it winning the ruckwork at stoppages or his dominance in the air around the ground, there was no way he was going to let his side’s season go down without a fight.

As the clock ticked past 20 minutes into the last term, Woodside might have been up by eight points but they were down to 17 players with Waddel sent from the field for an indiscretion.

With an additional player on the park, Rosedale was now surely favourites to turn around the deficit and grab the win for their visiting supporters.

Had Sam Bristow kicked truly from the free kick awarded after the send-off, the Blues would have been within a single goal, but with at least seven or eight minutes of play remaining they’d surely get their chances.

Get them they did but covert they didn’t, or so Yoda might say.

After several more missed shots at goal as the clock ticked toward 30 minutes, it looked like the home side might yet hold on.

Enter the stand rule.

Rosedale, with ball in hand looking to have a last-minute long shot on goal from distance, were awarded a 50 metre penalty which took the shot to the goal line. The ensuing goal saw Rosedale out to a two point lead with surely only seconds to play.

While the league may have adopted the stand rule, the six-six-six rule is not in play, so Rosedale did what all sides would do and loaded up the defensive 50.

For all intents and purposes they looked safe.

From the stoppage Foat, palmed the ball down to Ben Johnson.

Johnson flicked a handball to Cam Whiteoak, who burst through the front of the square. His kick found the leading Missen close to the boundary line but still some 40 metres from goal.

The clock ticked past 33-minutes as Missen went through his routine. Was it to be the stuff of nightmares or the stuff of dreams? With ice running through his veins the skipper sealed his best-on-ground performance by slotting the shot on goal.

Just as the goal umpire was getting into his groove to signal the goal the siren rang out and Missen was mobbed by teammates and fans alike, all keen to celebrate the 10.13 (73) to 10.9 (69) win that kept the Wildcat season alive.