East Gippsland United denied the Sale United a second nine-point party for the season in Round 15 of the Latrobe Valley Soccer League.

Sale United’s Swanettes took to their home ground hard and fast, determined to redeem themselves after their loss in Round 14.

Sale United Women’s player, Sami Kent attacking the goals in Round 15 of the LVSL against East Gippsland.Photo Zoe Askew

Thirty minutes in and run, after run, after run, Sale’s pocket rocket Jade DuVe finally found the back of the net, scoring the first goal for the women’s team.

After an injection of confidence, the Swanettes lifted their game, and within minutes, Hollie Ryan tore up the field, scoring a second goal for Sale.

Hollie Ryan making a break in Sale United’s match against East Gippsland. Photo Zoe Askew

Playing with just 10 players, East Gippsland women welcomed the game’s break.

Returning to the field for the second-half, Milli Harbour extended Sale’s lead, scoring the match’s third goal.

In a dramatic second-half that saw emotions flare on and off the field, Sale lost composure and the East Gippsland women began to press the Swanettes defence.

Tegan Fairbrother denied East Gippsland any possible goal, keeping a clean sheet.

With 15 minutes left on the clock, DuVe made a break past East Gippsland’s defence, scoring her second goal and furthering Sale’s lead 4-0.

Sale United player Jade DuVe sending a cross ball to the top of the box. Photo Zoe Askew

It was a tough game for East Gippsland, but the 10 women from Bairnsdale composed themselves well and put in a valiant effort to hold their own.

SALE United reserves maintained their winning streak with a 7-2 victory over East Gippsland United Football Club on Sunday.

Sale’s Callum Campbell was best on field, putting away a whopping five goals.

Sale United player Callum Campbell getting his fifth goal of the game against East Gippsland United FC. Photo Zoe Askew

After rocketing masses of shots in every direction, apart from into the goal, Connor Hodges finally scored his first goal of the season for the Swans.

Youngster Luke Wilson also scored a goal for the Swans in the first 45 minutes of the game.

David Pachl kicked a quick goal for East Gippsland, but Cooper Kelly-Williams and the Swans’ defensive line denied the away team further goals in the first-half.

After the break, Campbell scored his fifth goal of the game, bringing Sale to a 7-1 lead.

Sale United goal keeper Cooper Kelly-Williams in Round 15 of the LVSL. Photo Zoe Askew

East Gippsland continued to press, despite depleted numbers, and as Sale dropped a gear, East Gippsland captain Tyler Van Den Meiracker broke through the Swans’ defence, knocking in a second goal for the Bairnsdale team.

After a rude wake-up call, the Swans snapped out of their sluggish rut and took back control of the game, maintaining formation, leading to a 7-2 victory.

AS Sunday quickly slipped away, as Sunday always does, the senior men from Sale United and East Gippsland took the field for the final game.

With wins in the women’s and reserves, Sale United was just one game away from taking out another nine-point weekend following the club’s consecutive wins over Traralgon two weeks back.

The whistle sound signalled the game’s start, but Sale United players were slow off their marks.

Sale United players Murray Casella-Mclaren and Cooper Coleman taking on East Gippsland player. Photo Zoe Askew

Jaydon Steele scored the game’s first goal for East Gippsland, followed by an enthusiastic celebration from the 11 Bairnsdale players.

Despite conceding a goal, Sale United remained inert, a costly fault that saw Joshua West score a second goal for East Gippsland just minutes later.

As teams returned to the rooms for the break, East Gippsland attained the lead 2-0.

A stern talking to from Sale United coach Anouk Meereboer shifted the Swans up a gear, as they entered the second-half.

Sale United’s charge was short-lived, as the Swans assumed a lifeless presence on the field in just 10 short minutes, with the exception of Brennan McGill, who won Meereboer’s vote for best on field, Jude Taylor, Murray Casella-Mclaren and youngest Jacob Godde.

Sale United captain Solomon Nash clearing the ball from the Swan’s half. Photo Zoe Askew

East Gippsland dominated possession in the second half, but Sale United refused the boys from Bairnsdale any more goals.

As the whistle echoed across the field, a disappointed and ashamed Sale United retreated to the club rooms with tails between their legs following a 2-0 defeat.

“We played like crap,” Meereboer said in her post-match speech.

“Same in the reserves; we didn’t play as well as we should of, even though we secured a win.”

Sale United is sixth on the LVSL ladder in the senior and reserves competitions.

With Monash fourth on the ladder in the reserves and seventh in the Seniors, the Sale United men are in for a challenging game this Sunday.