Local man David Lambie has brought Iwama Ryu Aikido to Sale.

There are only a handful of Aikido dojos in Australia, teaching and practising the traditional Japanese martial art of Iwama Ryu Aikido that integrates empty-hand (tai-jutsu), wooden sword (aiki-ken), wooden staff (aiki-jo) and knife (tanto) systems.

Iwama Ryu Aikido practises self-defence techniques using a blend of the attacker’s movements, the dynamic engagement strategies and spherical motion evolved from techniques of Japanese swordsmanship.

David Lambie teaching Aikido. Photo: Zoe Askew

In 2010, David Lambie, a young country boy eager to explore the wonders of city life, packed his bags and headed to Melbourne, where he would work and study, making friends quickly as all young folk who’ve just moved to the city do.

One day, a new friend showed Lambie a video of an Aikido demonstration on YouTube. Flash forward 12 years, and David Lambie is one of the few Aikido instructors in the country. He has returned to his roots, bringing home the traditional Japanese martial art and opening a dojo right here in Sale.

“I was first introduced to Aikido from a friend who showed me some videos of O Sensei conducting a demonstration; initially I thought it was cool but didn’t think too deeply about it,” Lambie said.

“At that time, I was practising mindfulness meditation, and eventually, I would come across some information regarding the philosophy of Aikido; this is when Aikido really started to interest me.

“Once I decided to start training, I had to find a dojo, and lucky for me, I found one five minutes up the road from my apartment in Prahran. After my first class, I was hooked, and I’ve trained consistently for the last nine years.”

Lambie is now conducting lessons in Iwama Ryu Aikido at Clydebank Hall, teaching the traditional Japanese martial art comprised of throwing, controlling and weapon techniques.

Iwama Rye Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art form. Photo Zoe Askew

“Iwama Ryu Aikido is a self-defence system designed to protect yourself against multiple attackers using the philosophy of harmony,” Lambie said.

“There are many great positives that come out of training. It increases your awareness and breathing, builds confidence and discipline, and improves your balance, mental health and well-being.

“Apart from the numerous health benefits, you’ll get to train with like-minded individuals of different ages and backgrounds. You’ll also become part of a national and international community and become connected to the tradition of Iwama Ryu Aikido.”

Iwama Ryu Aikido classes at the Clydebank Hall run every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm until 8.30pm. Classes are open to all, regardless of age, experience or fitness level.

Those interested in learning Iwama Ryu Aikido can head to Iwama Ryu Aikido Sale Facebook page to book a class.

For further information, email Lambie at d.lambie@hotmail.com.