Sale Tennis Club is headed for the world stage, with one of its own selected for an international tournament.

Jo Rule will compete for Australia in the ITF Masters Tour World Championships, beginning this weekend in Portugal.

Her selection came after participating in the Australian Seniors Grass Court Championships – a pre-requisite to selection for the Australian team.

Playing, by her own admission, “okay” and assuming ranking points, Rule was eligible to nominate for the Championships.

“My philosophy is that you have to be in it to win it, and in this instance it paid off,” Rule said.

Rule is currently in Portugal preparing for the tournament after spending the past month touring Europe.

She first visited the United Kingdom, where her son Cameron competed in the Henley Royal Regatta as part of the Gippsland Grammar rowing team.

This was followed by a hiking tour in Georgia and sightseeing in Spain, amid a record heatwave and unprecedented wildfires across the continent.

“On our trip into Spain, we actually stayed in a small town called O Barco that was impacted by the Galicia fires,” Rule said.

“The haze of smoke still lingered during our stay, with several remaining spot fires just burning away slowly.

“While they do experience fires in summer, they had never seen anything like these fires before.

“In discussions with the locals, they did say that they are not prepared for events like this.

“The army seemed to be providing some relief assistance, but nothing on the scale of the response we see in Victoria.”

Having managed to avoid the fires, Rule is now practising for the tournament in Lisbon, where she is training on the clay courts and acclimatising to the Mediterranean heat.

She will be competing in the Margaret Court Cup with fellow Victorian Adriana Juan and captain Monika Biernat.

With this being her first international tournament, Rule has “no idea” as to what her team’s chances are.

“We are fortunate that our team number one, Monika Beirnat is a previous world number one in our age group … she is highly competitive and still giving the upcoming juniors a run for their money.

“However it turns out, I will give it 100 per cent.”

Previously known as the Young Seniors World Championships, the World Tennis Masters Tour is overseen by the International Tennis Federation and open to players aged 35 and older.

The tournament officially begins this Sunday, July 31.