TOMORROW will see Round 5 of the Maffra And District Car Club Boisdale Hillclimb Series, with a twilight and long track race meeting.

Racing will start at 1pm at the Boisdale Hillclimb Track, 239 Boisdale/Newry Road, Boisdale, with free entry to all spectators and a kiosk open throughout the meeting.

Maffra And District Car Club held a Round of the Victorian Autocross Series on July 16, with more than 90 drivers from across the state competing on the gravel Hillclimb Track at Boisdale.

The twilight Autocross – timed with a ‘flying start’ and the three best times of each driver added together to give each class placing – saw some consistently quick times from many competitors.

Mick Landy in his Toyota Corolla. Photos: Contributed

Fastest for the event was Kerran Pridmore with an aggregate total of 167.22 seconds, followed by MADCC president Anthony Kovco with 172.25 and Matt Muir with 175.53 seconds, respectively.

Junior driver Nathan Graves gained first place with 195.28 seconds, Dodge Small placed second and Archie Challis third.

In the Ladies division, the fastest driver was Lauren Britton with 193.76 seconds, followed by Karli Vallence with 197.59 and Britney Jones with 208.72 seconds.

Further information is available at or contact Adrian Britton on 0418 561 053.

First to Third Class placing for the previous meeting as follows:

Class C: C.DuVe 198.18, A.Smyth 200.28, W.Mitchelson 203.37; Class D: M.Caldwell 191.64, Jack Forsyth 192.13, Jim Forsyth 193.53; Class E: W.McNaughton 203.54, J.Shaw 205.31, R.Lambert 205.68; Class J: N.Graves 195.28, D.Small 201.80, A.Challis 202.76; Class L: L.Britton 193.76, K.Vallence 197.59, B.Jones 208.72; Class P: D.Giddings 196.38, D.Richardson 201.84, I.Matthews 204.01; Class S: K.Pridmore 167.22, A.Kovco 172.25, M.Muir 175.53; Class W: R.Austin 186.37, J.Allen 187.53, A.Hunt 189.83