The World Cup may be over, but Sale United Football Club continues to fuel the region’s soccer fever with the return of social soccer programs GO Sevens, GO Fives, GO Mums, and GO Girls.

Go Sevens

As the name suggests, Go Sevens is a fun, social, mixed seven-aside soccer competition for anyone aged 16 and older.

The 40-minute game, two 20-minute halves, is played on a half-sized pitch with no offside rule.

Teams are allowed three reserves and make unlimited substitutions; however, two female players must be on the field at all times.

The local annual Go Sevens competition has continued to gain popularity in recent years owing to the program’s fun, friendly, sociable environment and suitability for any skill, experience or fitness level.

Sale United Football Club senior men’s vice captain Alan Harris, whose Go Sevens team, My Little Morty’s, won the 2022 A Grade premiership, says the annual weeknight competition is a fun and relaxed version of outdoor soccer tailored to any skill level.

“With the field being half the size and some of the more complicated rules like offside being removed, the 40-minute game is generally faster and more action-packed than your standard game of football,” Alan said.

“Plus, with no slide tackling, it means I have to learn how to actually play football, and for everyone else, it’s a much safer and enjoyable experience.

Sale United Football Club’s 2022 GO Sevens A Grade champions. Photo: File

“I am keen for the 2023 GO Sevens season; hopefully, it brings even more new faces than it did last year, as we had so many new signings for the winter season at Sale as a result.

“Be warned though, My Little Morty’s will be back again to smack everyone off the park.”

The 2023 Go Sevens competition begins Thursday, November 2, and continues weekly until Thursday, December 21.

Registrations must be completed by Friday, October 20 and can be done via

GO Fives

Five-a-side football is one of the fastest-growing sports in Australia and is back for a second consecutive season at Sale United Football Club for boys and girls aged 11 to 15.

Each team fields five players, four outfield players and a goalkeeper on a pitch slightly larger than a tennis court, with smaller goals, unlimited substitutions and shorter game duration.

Teams are allowed up to two reserves, with one female player required to be on the pitch at all times.

Suitable for all skill, experience and fitness levels, with no training required, this turn-up-and-play competition is a fantastic opportunity for youths aged 11 to 15, whether they have never played and are interested in trying out soccer or are existing players looking to keep their skills up ahead of the 2024 season.

The 2023 GO Fives competition begins Wednesday, November 1, and continues weekly until Wednesday, December 13.

Registration must be completed by Friday, October 20, and can be done via

GO Girls

GO Girls is back!

The social, non-competitive football program, coached by Sale United Football Club senior women’s captain Zoe Askew and vice captain Hollie Ryan, is back following the recent GO Girls World Cup Edition success.

GO Girls is designed for girls aged 12-16 at any skill or fitness to experience, learn and practice soccer in an inclusive, fun, female-only environment.

The six-week program aims to encourage girls to be active, with GO Girls participants set to learn an array of soccer skills whilst having fun and forming friendships.

In 2022, less than half of Australian girls 14 years and younger participated in organised outside-of-school hours sport-related activity at least once a week, while just 35 per cent of the female population participated in a sport-related activity at least once a week.

Participants of Sale United Football Club’s Go Girls World Cup edition. Photo: Zoe Askew

With Australian and international research identifying the quality of sport experience, including coaching, facilities, and non-inclusive and unwelcoming environments, as a significant barrier to girls’ participation in sport, GO Girls coach Zoe Askew hopes to provide a program that inspires and motivates local girls to participate in sport and physical activity, not just soccer.

“I am so excited to share my love and passion for football with the future generation of females and hope that by facilitating an engaging and exciting program, participants will be motivated to continue participating in sport and physical activity,” Zoe said.

“Hollie and I had a blast in the last program and are so excited to make this GO Girls even better.

“During last term’s program, we asked the girls at the end of each week what they would like to do, things they would like to learn and configured the following week’s activities based on their response. This program is for them, so listening to what they want to do and learn only elevates engagement and adds to their enjoyment.

“Bring a friend or come alone and give soccer a go; no football experience is required.”

Sale United Football Club’s 2023 GO Girls Term 4 program will run every Tuesday from 5.30pm until 6.30pm beginning Tuesday, October 17, and concluding Tuesday, November 28.

Registrations must be completed by Friday, October 13 and can be done via

GO Mums

Football Victoria’s introductory soccer program designed specifically for women aged 16 and older, GO Mums, offers participants a fun, active and supportive setting to meet new people, learn football skills and partake in non-competitive soccer in a social, judgement-free environment.

After a wildly successful maiden GO Mums, followed by consistently large participation numbers, Sale United Football Club’s GO Soccer Mums coach Madeleine Forbes is eager for the upcoming Term 4 program.

“Our last term of GoMums was such great fun,” Madeleine said.

“We have had 20-plus ladies consistently sign up each term, and it’s incredible to see how much each player has developed over that time.

“We have a great group of ladies who turn up each week; it’s such a fun, non-judgmental and supportive environment. Everyone enjoys the exercise, learning new skills and the rules of the game, and we are constantly laughing.

“A lot of the ladies have never kicked a ball before, and by the end of the term, they are scoring goals. I have seen the skill, match-fitness and confidence increase with each GoMums term,” she said.

“Seeing the joy and friendship that the sport brings is why we volunteer our time to run the program. There are friendships, bonds and a lot of laughing.”

Sale United Football Club’s GO Mums Term 1 cohort. Photo: Contributed

Through GO Mums, Madeleine aims to motivate and encourage local women’s participation in sport and improve skills and confidence, all while sharing her love of the game.

“Some of the mums say they’ve been kicking the ball with their kids and had them comment on how much their soccer skills have improved, and that’s what it’s all about, getting more people – women – involved, improving skills and confidence, and sharing a love of the game,” Madeleine said.

“I really love the GoMums program because I can see so many ladies taking time out for themselves, stepping out of their comfort zone to try something new and giving it a go.

“Many ladies have never played the sport; some have been long-term supporters watching their child but might not understand the rules – but it doesn’t matter. We slowly teach the skills and rules, but for the most part, we have fun getting fit and kicking a ball around together,” she said.

“The important thing is we provide a friendly, fun and inclusive space for women and girls to support participation in the sport. Healthy women means a healthy Gippsland.”

With longer and warmer days on the horizon, Madeline is particularly looking forward to the upcoming GO Mums Term 4 program.

“I’m looking forward to term 4 in the warm summer evenings; I think having more light and the warmer weather always improves the mood, and the numbers each week,” she said.

“It will be great to see all the ladies after the winter break over Term 3. Hopefully, with the excitement of the World Cup and the warmer weather, we might see some new faces keen to give soccer a try.”

Go Soccer Mums Term 4 will run every Tuesday from 5.30pm until 6.15pm, commencing Tuesday, October 31, and concluding Tuesday, December 12.

Registrations must be completed by Friday, October 20 and can be done via

You can find more information about GO Sevens, GO Fives, GO Girls, GO Mums or other upcoming soccer programs at Sale United Football Club’s Facebook page at