Looking down the barrel, steadying your hands and with specific shooting, you shoot your shot.

This is the biggest and greatest 8 Ball competition in Australia, nay the world.

Last month, Australia’s best and some global winners were up to the challenge for the Gippy Cup 8 Ball Competition at Gippsland Regional Sports Complex (GRSC) in Sale.

Over the weekend, 53 teams of seven people took part in the competition in four divisions.

Sale’s Jack Green in action at the Gippy Cup 8 Ball Competition. Photos: Katrina Brandon

Division 1’s Young Guns took the top spot for the weekend, with Pool Hub not too far behind them, carrying Sale’s best player Jack Green, who won four out of nine rounds plus semi-finals and finals across the competition.

“I like coming to get the challenge of the game. It is good fun,” Green said.

“It is good to see so many playing and keeping at it.”

Sadly, Traralgon’s team Rack took a hit down the ladder to seven out of eight spots, winning only two rounds.

Traralgon’s best, Steve Halliday, said that overall, the teams this year were much stronger than previous years, with quality going up all the time.

“I have done competitions from all over Australia and can say in my 18 years of playing that this competition is the best I have played in,” he said.

“I have so much passion for the game. It is like a drug, it is so addicting to keep playing.”

The majority of the crowd at the competition greatly appreciated all the work gone into the competition, with most saying it is one to beat.

“Would like to say that the volunteers running the event are doing an incredible job with such long hours and so many people to serve,” Division 2’s Rack Em Up player Tom Gill quipped.

“There were no dramas, really fun and well put together competition. That’s why so many people keep coming back.”

Competitors came from across the country, and even some from overseas, to compete in the Sale 8 Ball event.

Division 2 stood with Sloths holding their heads high with six wins and three losses. Following behind was Hit N Hope with five to four.

Running closer together, Division 3 was a tight one with Last Minute sneaking in front place before Colac, winning seven-two.

Saturday was running slow for the majority of teams, as the competition was tight with most players having close games.

For most, this was an opportunity to talk with those they have met over the years and catch up. Some teams consisted of people from South Australia, Queensland and even one with a player from the UK’s world competition.

Keeping teams mixed, there were local members in most teams coming from Sale, Morwell, Traralgon, Churchill, Bairnsdale and Yallourn North.

Even World Competition player Jake McCartney made an appearance.

Overall, each player kept their stance and shot their best throughout the days.