Sale United Football Club’s annual summer soccer competition, GO Sevens, kicked off with the arrival of November, boasting record-breaking numbers for a third consecutive year.

This year’s 18 teams have been separated into three competition groups, Black Division, Green Division and White Division, each comprising six squads.

In the White Division: Murder on Zidane’s Floor, 2 Goals 1 Cup, The Mules, Tuna 96, Gullilt The Dogs Out and My Little Morty’s.

In the Green Division: Expected Toulouse, Blue Ballers, Peppa Pigs, Mac Rappers, Aggressively Average and The Weasleys.

In the Black Division: The Sleeping Boots, Occasionally United, The Davids, B United, The Tangos and Just For Laughs.

Thursday, November 2, marked the opening round of Sale United’s GO Sevens competition. Photos: Zoe Askew

Thursday, November 2, marked the opening round of the competition, with Round 1 bringing exciting on-field match-ups across all three divisions.

Murder on Zidane’s Floor was unable to overpower reigning champion My Little Morty’s, with a Josh Deschepper brace and Kyung Stewart goal sealing a 3-0 win.

Josh Deschepper was voted best-on-ground.

Two Isaak Jondahl goals and a Callum Campbell goal weren’t enough for 2 Goals 1 Cup to claim victory, with Gullilt The Dogs Out finding the back of the net six times to clinch a 6-3 win.

Kieran Horgan (Gullilt The Dogs Out) earned top votes for his performance.

Ot Khamchon and Damon Stephens scored to seal Tuna 96’s 2-1 victory against The Mules.

Sale United’s senior men’s coach, Anouk Meereboer, put away The Mules’s only goal and was the standout performer of the match.

The Davids clinched a 3-2 victory over B United in the Black Division, with Declan Morris, Will Page and Tom Dyer slotting one past the keeper.

Marc Bain and Joel Hector found the back of the net to keep B United in the game until the final minute.

Declan Morris’s performance earned him best-on-ground.

A Geoff Hanckel goal fell short in Just For Laughs efforts to overpower The Sleeping Boots. Will Glover netted a brace, and Derek Zhao found the back of the net to seal The Sleeping Boots 3-1 victory.

Will Glover was the top performer.

The Tango’s suffered a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Occasionally United, who scored through Riley Macreadie and Christopher Da Silva.

Patrick Horgan found the back of the net for The Tango’s.

Lexi Prichard was voted best-on-ground.

Hamish Wain netted a hat-trick, with Sophie Alexander, Lily Corcoran and Xavier Boughton adding goals to seal Expected Toulouse’s 6-3 win over The Weasleys.

Expected Toulouse led 4-2 at the break, with a Ronald Kong brace keeping The Weasleys in the game.

Kong made it a hat-trick, finding the back of the net when teams returned from the break, but The Weasleys were unable to fend off a strong Expected Toulouse outfit.

Blue Ballers and Peppa Pigs couldn’t be separated at the end of 40 minutes, with a staggering 12 goals scored, six per side, in the round’s highest-scoring match.

Spencer Boughton’s hat-trick, Luca Di Corleto’s brace and Maximus Torres’ goal contributed to the Blue Ballers’ six-goal tally.

Braithe Campbell, Tynan Eldred and Curtis Roesch netted braces for Peppa Pigs.

Mac Rappers and Aggressively Average forfeited their Round 1 match.

The Tango’s Nico Olejniczak.

Teams returned to the Godfrey Baldwin Reserve on Thursday, November 9, for Round 2.

Reigning champion, My Little Morty’s, were cut down at the hands of 2 Goals 1 Cup.

A Cooper Coleman hat-trick and Mark Cockell brace clinched 2 Goals 1 Cup a 5-2 victory.

Josh White and Murray Casella put away goals for My Little Morty’s.

Cooper Coleman was the top performer.

Tuna 96 sealed a 3-0 win against Gullit The Dogs Out, with goals from Rowy Mills, Callum Matthews and Damon Stephens.

Damon Stephens was voted best-on-ground.

Murder on Zidane’s Floor suffered a heavy defeat as The Mules secured a convincing 5-1 victory.

In the Black Division, Occasionally United and The Davids couldn’t be separated, with teams equal on two goals apiece at the end of 40 minutes.

Will Glover’s hat-trick and a goal from Will Coleman helped The Sleeping Boots to a 5-3 triumph over B United.

Oliver Lees slotted one past the keeper for B United, and Marc Bain netted a brace.

Will Glover was best-on-ground.

Just For Laughs secured a 5-0 victory against The Tango’s, with a Geoff Hanckel brace and goals from Paul McGrath, Paul Monk and Nicolas Sweetman.

Geoff Hanckel was the standout performer.

Aggressively Average was no match for Expected Toulouse in the Green Division as they secured a 4-1 win, with goals from Chris Kelsey, Nathaniel Shelton and a brace from Mike O’Brien.

Alyse Brusamarello put away Aggressively Average’s only goal.

Mac Rappers defeated Peppa Pigs 3-0, with Adam King slotting two past the keeper and Stefan Gouws netting one.

Adam King was voted best-on-ground.

In an end-to-end match, The Weasleys proved victorious in their Round 2 match against Blue Ballers.

Ronald Kong netted a brace, with a Brad Hayman and Luke Wilson goal securing The Weasleys 4-3 win over Blue Ballers.

Luca Di Corleto scored a hat-trick for Blue Ballers.

Maurice Slattery of The Mules takes a shot on goal during Sale United’s Go Sevens.

Just one goal separated White Division teams in Round 3.

Tuna 96 defeated 2 Goals 1 Cup 3-2, The Mules netted a late goal to secure a win over My Little Morty’s and Gullit The Dogs Out put away four goals to trump Murder on Zidane’s Floor 4-3.

The Davids secured a 3-1 win against Just For Laughs in the Black Division.

The Tango’s defeated The Sleeping Boots 5-1, while B United dominated in their match against Occasionally Untied, securing a convincing 5-0 win.

Expected Toulouse claimed a third consecutive win in the Green Division, defeating Peppa Pigs 3-0.

Aggressively Average decimated The Weasleys, scoring nine goals with no response.

Scores were level at the end of the Blue Ballers and Mac Rappers match, with both teams slotting five past the keeper.

Sam Lewis-Elliott (The Tango’s) and Chelsea Page (The Davids) during Go Sevens action at Sale United Football Club. Photos: Zoe Askew

Round 4 kicked off on Thursday, November 23, with 2 Goals 1 Cup clinching a convincing 7-1 win against Murder on Zidane’s Floor in the White Division.

Gullit The Dogs Out triumphed with a 3-2 win over The Mules.

Lachlan Dare found the back of the net for Gullit The Dogs Out, and Kieran Horgan netted a brace, with the winning team’s Paige Tarling also putting in a standout performance.

Maurice Slattery scored twice for The Mules.

Tuna 69’s unbeaten record in the White Division remained intact after a 3-1 victory over My Little Morty’s, with forward Ot Khamchom scoring a hat-trick to secure the win.

Josh Deschepper found the back of the net for My Little Morty’s, while teammate Dani Wilson delivered an exceptional performance.

The Davids preserved their unbeaten streak in Round 4 with a 4-0 over The Tango’s.

A Robyn Hale and Elaine Bateman goal helped Just For Laughs clinch a 2-1 triumph over B United.

Blair Bain found the back of the net for B United.

The Sleeping Boots sealed a 4-2 win over Occasionally United.

In the Green Division, Expected Toulouse secured four wins from four games after defeating Mac Rappers 2-1 in Round 4.

Luke Wilson and Ronald Kong scored a brace in The Weasleys’s 4-2 victory over Peppa Pigs.

Ronald Kong was voted best-on-ground.

Aggressively Average sealed a 5-2 win against Blue Ballers.

Blue Ballers’s Maximus Torres was best-on-ground.

Two more rounds remain before the 2023 Sale United Football Club Go Sevens finals on Thursday, December 21.