From the mill to the principal’s chair

MARYVALE Mill general manager Howard Lovell stepped out of the pulp and paper industry and into the principal’s chair at Rosedale Primary School on Wednesday.

After overseeing the school’s breakfast program, Mr Lovell presented awards and certificates during assembly before a guided tour of the school. Mr Lovell explained the paper making process to grade four and five students, and joined grade five and six students in garden activities.

Principal for a Day gives a wide range of community and business leaders from all walks of life a first-hand experience of a normal day in a state government school. Many business and community leaders have been repeat participants, including Wellington Shire mayor Scott Rossetti.

Rosedale Primary School’s real principal Fiona Knight said Mr Lovell shared ideas with staff, met parents and exchanged insights.

“It provides us with an excellent opportunity to enable someone from the business community to gain a unique insight into the learning environment at our school.”

Mr Lovell said he gained a new perspective on work being done in schools.

“It’s a great way for schools and the broader community to work together in preparing our children for the future,” he said.

After the event, all principals for a day and their host principals have the opportunity to come together to discuss the common ground they share around leadership and ways of creating on-going and productive relationships.