Moo-ving makeover

NAMBROK-Denison Primary School students are giving their resident Picasso Cow Gouda a make-over as part of Dairy Australia’s Picasso Cows Make-Over program.

The make-over program challenges students to redecorated their life-sized fibre glass cow in one of three themes – Unbeatable Bones, Fuel for Life or Farm to Plate.

This year, for the first time, 80 schools from dairy regions across Australia that have previously taken part in the program, will give their cow a make-over to compete for the inaugural title of Best in State.

Nambrok-Dension Primary School began the Picasso Cow program in 2009, which teaches primary school children about the Australian dairy industry and the health benefits of dairy foods.

Dairy Australia dietitian Amber Beaumont said the make-over program will empower the next generation with essential knowledge about the Australian dairy industry and the health benefits associated with eating dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt.

“For many schools, their Picasso Cows have been used year upon year as a teaching aide across a range of subject areas,” Ms Beaumont said.

“The dairy industry provides a great example for students when educating them about where their food comes from, the contribution of agriculture to the economy, career opportunities as well as the importance of healthy eating for wellbeing now and in the future.

“Bringing the program back to schools gives them an opportunity to refresh their cow ensuring it remains relevant and appealing.

“It also helps generate renewed excitement and awareness across the whole school community about a vital Australian industry.”

Nambrok-Denison Primary School teacher Ellen Bankes said the students have chosen to decorate Gouda using the Farm to Plate theme.

“When they had a dairy day, we invited speakers from Maffra Cheese and Murray Goulburn to speak to us about the processes for milk and cheese,” she said.

“From there, they did some projects and learned all about it, and now that is the theme.”

“One side of the cow will be our school values and school logo, the other side will be dedicated to Farm to Plate.

“They have finished their design and they’re in the process of drawing their designs onto the cow, then they will start with the painting process.”

The make-over program is a chance for a new group of students to learn about the Australian dairy industry and re-decorate their cow for future students to enjoy.

The children have until September to get creative with their cows before they are assessed.

State champions will be announced in October and a national winner announced and awarded with a $1,500 cash prize in November.

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