Sale SES volunteers on the run

SES Sale Unit volunteers got active last Friday and Saturday for the Victoria SES 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge.

The challenge involved 26 members from the Sale SES Unit running for 24 hours in half hour sessions, with some members running continuously for up to two-and-a-half hours.

SES Sale Unit controller Adam Townsend said the treadmill challenge was a follow on from Victoria SES’s WHIP program.

“About eight months ago, there was a program that Victoria SES headquarters introduced that was known as a WHIP program, which is work, health, injury, prevention,” Mr Townsend said.

“That was a series of six sessions in which we had sports trainers come out to the unit and run a number of different sessions.

“One was focused on mental health, one was in relation to sleep, one was in relation to water, and one was in relation to nutrition.

“The better we feel, the better we will be able to help members of the community when it comes to the crunch.

“It’s been a really positive thing.”

Mr Townsend said the challenge was a good way to end the program, and the money raised would go towards buying a four-wheel drive for the unit.

“Currently it’s owned by the state government and when that comes to the end of the lease period for the state government, the unit has the option to buy that lease vehicle out.

“We need $8000 to buy it out, so that’s what this money is (going towards).

“It means for the first time the unit will have their own asset.”

Mr Townsend said donations could be made by contacting the SES Sale Unit.

The treadmill challenge led into Saturday’s big emergency services display.