Truck safety session

STRATFORD Primary School students learned about the potential dangers of heavy vehicles during a recent safety session.

Leesons transport foreman Dean Wheelan and Hancock Victorian Plantations education facilitator Paul Taylor ran the session.

Mr Taylor said many schools taught students about road and car safety, but rarely educated them about heavy vehicle safety.

“They asked me to develop the program and then run it in schools, which I was happy to do,” he said.

“We’re running through things like blind spots on trucks, the fact that they take much longer to stop and that there are places where it’s not safe to be.

“We make the point that when a truck passes it tends to suck you in towards the vehicle with the wind movement; it doesn’t blow you away.

“We deal with differences between the truck and the car so they can recognise these differences and be safe in the area where the trucks operate.”

Stratford Primary School principal Zonda Lynn said because the school was close to the Princes Highway, it was important students were aware of safety around trucks.

“It’s about crossing the road safely, approaching the vehicle and vision about where the mirrors are situated.

“It’s information about how big a truck is and the limited vision they have.

“(Paul) put children in the driver’s seat so they could actually look out the mirrors and see whether they can see their friends standing near the truck.”