Guthridge fitness focus

GUTHRIDGE Primary School, Sale, community celebrated the official opening of the school’s new fitness centre on Thursday morning.

Guthridge Primary School principal Sue Burnett said more than 400 excited students, staff and parents and guardians attended the opening of the $601,000 fitness centre.

Mrs Burnett was quick to point out that no state or federal government grants had been provided for the building.

She said the new building was the result of careful and strategic budgeting by school council, without compromising on existing programs and facilities already provided by the school.

“We own it,” Mrs Burnett said.

“Without the ongoing support and fundraising efforts of our wonderful school community, it would not have been possible.

“The fitness centre complements the school’s existing indoor heated pool and extensive grounds and updated playground equipment.

“While it’s important to be developing the social and academic capabilities of our students, it’s also important to be teaching children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and personal fitness.”

The fitness centre has line markings for volleyball, netball and basketball and a Perceptual Motor Program for prep to grade two.

“It is a fantastic facility that can be enjoyed by all with many long-term health benefits for our students,” Mrs Burnett said.

“We still want our children enjoying the sun-shine and fresh air, but now we can have the best of both worlds.”

Mrs Burnett said students had been encouraged to walk, ride, skate or scoot to school and enjoy a healthy breakfast prior to the opening.

She said “the whole day was wonderful”.