Canine capers at Sale police

POLICE at Sale had a new addition to their ranks at the weekend.

While attending to a job in Sale on Saturday afternoon, Senior Constable Tara Manson and First Constable Jeremy White were surprised at the back-up they received.

Sen-Const Manson said they were attending a job in Cooper Court when they saw the Jack Russell terrier wandering around.

“It looked lost so we called it over and it jumped onto the driver’s seat of the divisional van,” she said.

They unsuccessfully tried to find the owner in the area.

The terrier was taken to the police station where the Wellington Shire ranger was contacted.

A ranger collected the pooch from the station and later reunited her with a grateful owner.

Police are unsure how the terrier came to be on the streets, but remind all pet owners to make sure their dogs are kept safe and secure, particularly when there are storms forecast or fireworks displays on.