Staying active by delivering the Times

SALE couple Lyn and Neville Martin keep themselves active by delivering Gippsland Times newspapers around their neighbourhood.

They do the Sale north paper route, delivering about 325 newspapers between the two of them.

Until recently, the couple were delivering up to 700 papers in the northern and central parts of Sale.

At the ages of 68 and 69 respectively, Lyn and Neville said a paper round helped to keep them active.

“I had a kidney out and needed some exercise,” Neville said.

“It helps to keep active

“I ride my bike to deliver the papers and Lyn walks.

“It takes me about an hour and a half to deliver 225 papers, but it depends how fast you walk.

“It takes Lyn about 45 minutes to an hour,” Neville said.

“I also got a trolley made up to deliver the papers.

“We work together.

“We do different streets but then we come back and have a cup of tea together and read the paper.”

Neville said aside from the regular exercise, the extra money was a nice bonus.

“We have a combined bank account where the money goes and we use that to pay for Chrisco each year,” he said.

“Sometimes we might use the money for a big bill or something like that.”

People interested in applying for a paper round in Sale or Maffra can phone the Gippsland Times office on 5143 9333.