Heyfield planning nod

FUTURE development in Heyfield will be supported after changes to the Wellington Planning Scheme were approved.

The amendment to the Wellington Planning Scheme opens the way for residential development along Licola Rd and for land to be subdivided along Firebrace Rd.

Wellington Shire Council has received the approval from the Planning Minister for Amendment C72, which incorporates the recommendations of the Heyfield Structure Plan into the Wellington Planning Scheme.

The plan was adopted by council in December 2011 following a detailed community consultation exercise before amendment C72 was initiated to begin the process of introducing the recommendations into the planning scheme.

Following council’s adoption of the amendment, the minister recently approved it.

Wellington Shire mayor Carolyn Crossley said the Heyfield Structure Plan served as a planning tool to support the future growth and development of the town.

“It ensures that there is a co-ordinated framework to facilitate population growth, protect existing industries including the Heyfield timber mill, encourage economic development and to achieve the future aspirations of the community in Heyfield,” she said.

“The amendment has introduced the low density residential zone on Licola Rd, Heyfield, which will allow for the creation of one acre lots (4000 square metres) and in doing so provide diversity in housing choice within the town.

“The amendment has also rezoned land along Firebrace Rd and made minor changes to the provisions of the design and development overlay, which means that landowners will now have the ability to subdivide their land subject to the requirements of the overlay.

“These changes aim to improve the quality of life for the community, whilst helping to attract new residents and business to the area whilst protecting existing industrial operations.”