New boat ramp at Coongulla

SOUTHERN Rural Water recently completed a new dual lane boat ramp at Coongulla on Lake Glenmaggie.

Water supply east manager Terry Clapham said the new ramp would be of great benefit to those who enjoy boating on Lake Glenmaggie.

“The new ramp is four times as long as the last one and capable of handling two trailers at once,” he said.

“The old ramp had served the community since the 1950s and was not up to modern standards.

“We are really pleased to have this new ramp in place in time for increased demand for boating facilities over summer. It can get pretty hectic at boat ramps when the weather turns and our new one will help this situation immensely.”

Mr Clapham said a great deal of consultation has taken place with the local community to get the new ramp in place.

“The Lake Glenmaggie Community Representative Group has been instrumental in helping get this project off the ground,” he said.

“We would like to thank the representative group members for their input.”

A funding grant from the Transport Department’s boating safety and facilities program was used to cover the cost of the new ramp, with project management by Southern Rural Water staff. Local contractors were employed to complete the works at the site.

For more information about boating at Lake Glenmaggie phone Southern Rural Water on 1300 139 510 or visit