Maffra’s ute display day just beaut

HUNDREDS of people attended the Gippsland Vehicle Collection’s first display day of the year, on Sunday which showcased Australia’s favourite vehicle, the ute.

The beaut utes display featured a huge range of utilities, from classic varieties to the more feral and modern showpieces.

There were prizes for the best car and bike of the day and president’s pick for vehicles on show in the GVC grounds.

GVC president Duncan Malcolm was joined by guest judge, Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator Ricky Muir.

Best ute overall was awarded to Ron Burnes of Seaton for his orange 1978 XC utility.

Best farm ute was awarded to Brett Bale of Maffra for his Nissan Patrol Utility, best modified ute was a blue 1964 EH Holden owned by Steve Cornwall and best feral ute went to Damien Jarred of Warragul for his 1994 BNS Toyota Hilux utility.

Senator Muir said clubs like the Gippsland Vehicle Collection poured significant amounts of money into the local economy.

“The turnout has been absolutely fantastic,” Senator Muir said.

“It’s a splendid display of motor vehicles.

“I don’t think I need to convince anybody here; they know the amount of money that actually gets poured into the economy by having a love of your chosen vehicle.

“I think, you just need to have a quick look around today to realise everyone here is going to buy fuel, they’re going to buy food, they’re going to spend locally in the economy.

“It’s also promoting the right thing; it’s alright to have a passion and it’s alright to restore a car and to spend money on it.

“Events like this really are the type of events that need community support.”

The beaut utes exhibition will be on display at the Maffra Motor Museum until July.