Water upgrade

A $4.8 MILLION upgrade to improve the water quality and performance of the Sale Water Treatment Plant began on Thursday.

The works at the Cunninghame St site will replace infrastructure which dates as far back as the 1930s.

Gippsland Water’s Paul Clark said the project would secure the long term future of Sale’s fresh water supply.

“This investment will help safeguard the supply of clean, fresh and safe drinking water for our customers in Sale well into the future,” Mr Clark said.

Older plant infrastructure will be demolished and new tanks, aeration towers and a chemical dosing facility installed.

The works, expected to be completed by December, are among $10 million of water infrastructure upgrades outlined for Sale during the next three years.

Construction of a second supply line to the town and a new pump station at the treatment plant are already underway, something Mr Clark said was exciting for Sale residents.

“We have been working on these projects for a number of years in terms of planning, design and tender process,” Mr Clark said.

“Now is the exciting phase, when we get to improve what we have, invest in local communities and deliver services to our customers in Sale.”

Photo: Work has begun on a $4.8 million upgrade to Sale Water Treatment Plant, part of $10 million in water infrastructure works in Sale.