Students inspired to make good choices

RWANDAN Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo, inspiring people across the world, has challenged local students to make good life choices.

During a visit to Gippsland Grammar last week, Bishop Alexis, who survived the 1994 Genocide, shared his life story and encouraged students to really think about the choices they make every day.

“Watching young people grow up is a privilege,” he said.

“The choices they make every single day will shape them.

“There are so many choices; all I am asking every young person, is to make good choices.”

Bishop Alexis addressed the senior school assembly before visiting classes and talking to students.

He said in his life he had learned to make good choices by watching people who were making bad ones.

“You are all smart people, who can choose and make good choices to love and be loved, be blessed and be a blessing,” he said.

Bishop Alexis and his wife Grace have six biological children and four adopted children.

He pours his energy, talents and leadership into programs of recovery and development for his country.

A strong relationship exists between the Diocese of Gahini in Rwanda and the Diocese of Gippsland.

This was not the first time Bishop Alexis has visited and he is a friend of the Gippsland Grammar community.

For 12 years the relationship built on a common faith has provided opportunity for the development of understanding of different cultures, mutual encouragement and support.

In the July school holidays teachers from Gippsland Grammar will travel to Rwanda to offer professional development to their overseas counterparts and Gippsland Grammar year 12 school leavers will be invited to attend an alternative schoolies trip to visit Rwandan and volunteer within the community.