Stratford op shop stays open

EVERYONE knows the importance of volunteering to the community, but never more than in times of crisis.

Denise Vranek, who volunteers at Stratford Opportunity Shop, said the store provided comfort and a chance to be involved in the community for its many volunteers, as well as an important service to the community.

She said after checking with the Anglican Bishop, who called the Department of Health and Human Services to check that they could stay open during stage three restrictions, organisers decided that if enough volunteers were interested in continuing, the popular shop would remain open for up to three days a week.

“Last time we closed for three months and many of our volunteers really did miss it, because it’s a lonely time for a lot of people,” she said.

Since reopening last month, Stratford Opportunity Shop has maintained strict limits on numbers in the store, and a ‘COVID station’, where shoppers are provided with hand sanitiser and must provide names and contact details.