Maren’s dog grooming passion

Maren Ryswyk with her dog, 8-year-old Sasha. Photo: Stefan Bradley

Stefan Bradley

Montgomery resident Maren Ryswyk has turned her love of animals into a dog grooming business.

“Animals have always been my passion, especially dogs. So I always wanted to do something with animals, but I didn’t know what,” Ms Ryswyk said.

“I didn’t want to become a vet, because I didn’t want to deal with blood and gore.

“I started working for Therese at Bass Court Dog Grooming in Sale as a bather. I really enjoyed it, so I went to Melbourne to do a dog grooming course for a couple of weeks.

“After that, I started dog grooming for Therese, and she taught me a lot.

“I’ve been grooming for seven years now.”

Ms Ryswyk started Marens K9 Grooming in November.

The business popped up at an optimal time, with an easing of COVID restrictions across Victoria, including the end of Melbourne’s sixth lockdown in October.

This meant that dogs endured a long period of time without grooming.

“There’s heaps of demand now. I was going to start the business a year later, but I’m glad I did it now as there are so many COVID dogs,” Ms Ryswyk said.

“When I opened in November it was overwhelming at first to get my head around everything, but it’s been going really well. I’m booked four weeks in advance now. It’s great to work from a home salon when you have two little kids, so I can work my own hours. My kids love seeing all the different kind of dog breeds.”

Ms Ryswyk says the main challenge with dog grooming is uneasy pets.

“It’s not a pamper day like a human would go to a pamper day. Some dogs can get quite anxious, and therefore require more time and patience, especially puppies and older dogs,” she said.

“I pet them and get them used to the clippers and the noise, which can be quite scary.”

“Patience is the number one attribute you need in this industry. Of course you have to like dogs and not be scared of them, and have good attention to detail.”

Ms Ryswyk says she employs a similar grooming process for most dogs.

“I clip the dogs first, give them a bath, a blowdry, and then I clip them again because their hair stands up after the blowdry and you can get a much neater finish,” she says.

“The whole process can take up to two hours, it depends on the coat. I do about three or four dogs a day.”

“The hardest dog breed to groom is probably a Samoyed, which can take up to four hours. There is a lot of brushing involved. The drying alone takes around one hour. Short-hair coat dogs like a boxer or Dalmatians usually just need a wash and dry, and their nails clipped.”

Marens K9 Grooming can be found on Facebook and Instagram. For more information, call Maren Ryswyk on 0421 397 456.

Maren Ryswyk with Rascal the dog on electric table.

Maren Ryswyk with her dog, Sasha, 8. Photos: Stefan Bradley

Maren Ryswyk with her dog, 8-year-old Sasha. Photo: Stefan Bradley

Rascal the dog getting a bath. Photo: Stefan Bradley

Rascal the dog with Maren Ryswyk. Photo: Stefan Bradley

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