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Please pick up after your pooch

WELLINGTON Shire Council is asking locals to do their part to keep communities clean by scooping their dogs' poop when out and about. The reminder...

Lucky to be alive after dog act

A Sale resident is urging pet-owners to take greater responsibility following a "vicious and violent" attack on her dog. The incident occurred on Stawell Street...

Thanks from a grateful whippet and relieved owner

Bonnie the dog is counting her lucky stars after being rescued by a kindly, anonymous stranger at Seaspray.

Maren’s dog grooming passion

Montgomery resident Maren Ryswyk has turned her love of animals into a dog grooming business.

Winter a good time to desex pets, ahead of spring litters

WITH an influx of unwanted cats and dogs into shelters during spring, a local veterinarian says winter is the ideal time to desex pets. Maffra...

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May’s Bird of the Month – Bassian thrush

BIRDLIFE East Gippsland members recently attended an Autumn camp at Toora. Over the four days, several members were lucky enough to catch a glimpse...