A local business is the talk of the town after providing a haircut to none other than Anthony Field, a.k.a the Blue Wiggle.

The children’s entertainer and longest-serving member of The Wiggles visited Leigh’s Barber Shop on Thursday evening, much to the delight of hairdresser Lisa Leenders.

“The moment he walked in the door, it was just a laugh,” Lisa told the Gippsland Times.

“He’s just such a nice guy – so down-to-Earth, not pretentious.”

Ms Leenders confessed to being a long-time fan of Field’s, having first seen the entertainer while he performed as part of The Cockroaches.

She then met him again in 1995, following a performance by The Wiggles at Sale’s Memorial Hall.

“My kids went to the concert – they were three and two (years old) – and we went to Redd Catt afterwards for a cuppa, and Anthony rocked up there!”

But his celebrity status was lost on proprietor Leigh Nation, who cut the performer’s hair: “I didn’t even know who he was!”

Nonetheless, Mr Field’s visit was well-received by both Mr Nation and Ms Leenders.

The Wiggle asked for a short-back-and-sides, but according to Ms Leenders, wasn’t particularly fussed about his style.

Anthony gets a cut from Leigh.
Photo: Lisa Leenders/Facebook

“He actually just said to Leigh, ‘Do whatever you want.’

“So it was all cut short, and then Leigh said to him, ‘Do you want a line put in?’ and he goes, ‘Go for it.’”

“He wasn’t fussy at all.”

Mr Field even paid for the haircut in full, despite offers of a free and half-price cut.

“We thought, ‘Well, the publicity is going to be worth it!’ But no, he was determined he was going to pay for the haircut,” Ms Leenders said.

Leigh’s Barber Shop was not the only local establishment to be visited by Mr Field – he also paid a visit to the Graze Bistro with his red-shirted counterpart, Simon Pryce, on the advice of Ms Leenders.

“Anthony wanted to know somewhere to go out for tea,” Ms Leenders explained.

“I said: ‘Go to the greyhounds … I’m being biased because I’ll be there.’

“And they did! They rocked up. It was so exciting!”

Ms Leenders found her experience with the Blue Wiggle to be most humbling.

“When Leigh asked him his name, there was no portent – he just, ‘I’m Anthony.’ (He) didn’t try and disguise it, didn’t try to hide it,” she said.

“The same thing I noticed last night at the greyhounds – there was no problems to have photos taken.

“Him and Simon were there, they got up, they had photos taken, they chatted to everybody; probably took them 10, 15 minutes to get out of the greyhounds, because everybody wanted photos taken with them when they were leaving.”

Mr Field visited Sale as part of The Wiggles’ Superhero Tour, which saw the group perform three shows at The Wedge on Friday.