Sale Film Society closing the year with local comedy

Nino Culotta (Walter Chiari) in 'They're a Weird Mob'Image: Umbrella Films

SALE Film Society are closing 2023 with a milestone local comedy.

Their final screening for the year – taking place Wednesday, December 13 – will be They’re a Weird Mob.

Society secretary, Tom Parry says the film holds an important place in Australia’s history.

“They’re a Weird Mob is considered a classic, and rightly so,” Mr Parry said.

“The film was a box-office smash upon its original release in 1966, turning Italian actor Walter Chiari into a local celebrity and helping to revive a fledgling Aussie film industry.”

Chiari plays Nino Culotta, an Italian journalist who arrives in Sydney to work for his cousin; but upon arrival, he discovers his cousin has abandoned the Sydney office he was supposed to work at.

As a result, Nino is forced to fend for himself and navigate a bizarre culture where men shout at the pub and beer is considered a substitute for water.

“Many of its gags and observations about our ocker culture are just as funny and on-point today as they were nearly six decades ago,” Mr Parry said.

The screening shall take place on December 13 from 7.30pm at The Wedge.

Entry is free for all 2023 Sale Film Society members and $10 for non-members.

As always, prospective attendees are encouraged to arrive half an hour early to purchase a drink at Shirley’s Café and Bar, and to mingle with their fellow movie buffs.

For more information on the society, visit the official webpage: