Letters to the editor: December 12 2023

Sale resident Hayden says he must pay someone to clear the foliage in absence of a green bin. Photo: Hayden Nichol

Bin suggestion

I WOULD like to make a suggestion to the Wellington Shire Council regarding their replacement program for the existing wheelie bins. Currently the bins are made of 30 per cent recycled content, the proposed new bins are up to 80 per cent recycled content. As I drive around my local area and beyond, I see bins which are in pretty good condition, suggesting to me that we do not need to go to the expense of replacing every bin immediately.

My interim suggestion is that the collectors when next emptying existing bins drop them at the next house along the street. We now have wheelie bins which are made of 100 per cent recycled content.

Kevin Christensen



Green waste of time

I SEE that kerbside wheelie bins are being replaced by Wellington Shire Council. The fact that Kwik Tip Bins – who charge the residents to collect, can “get the job done”, therefore I have somewhere to take green waste, but take a look at the local council. I moved to Sale in Easter 2022, and the message was plastered at the library for all to see: green waste bins – coming and scheduled for mid-2023. Yet not only did they not fulfil their promise, it’s now scheduled for 2025. Not 2024, 2025. What planet are they living on? Not to mention, rate rise!

Hayden Nichol



Grateful for TAFE support

As 2023 comes to an end, I write to thank the Wellington community and industry for its support of TAFE Gippsland this year.

We have had around 11,000 students from throughout Gippsland pursue their study and training with us this year, along with thousands of local businesses trusting us with the vocational training of their staff.

The past six years have been transformational for TAFE Gippsland. We have worked hard to engage with the community again after some tough times and create an institute you can all be proud to call your own.

This year we were named the Large Training Provider of the Year at the Victorian Training Awards before we were nationally recognised, taking out second place at the Australian Training Awards in the same category last month.

Just last week our engineering and fabrication team won the Training and Education Organisation Award for Victoria at the 2023 Weld Australia Awards.

We couldn’t have achieved all of this without the Gippsland community and local industries working with us to provide high quality vocational education and training that is custom-made for the skills needs of Gippsland.

As our students finalise their studies for 2023 and look forward to a summer break, we thank you Wellington for your support this year to make TAFE Gippsland the leading vocational training provider in Victoria.

We look forward to welcoming new and returning students to our campuses in 2024.

Laura Macpherson

TAFE Gippsland Chief Executive


Cost of living pain

Each day as I speak to local residents across Gippsland South it is evident that many Gippslanders are struggling to deal with the rising cost of living.

This is a pain shared by many Victorians as reflected in a recent 47 per cent surge in calls to the Debt Helpline.

While I continue to push back against increased taxes and poor policy from the Allan Labor Government which compounds the issue, I wanted to take the time to thank the local volunteers and organisations in our community who are helping others in their time of need.

We are fortunate to have a number of great services within Gippsland South which are able to assist you if and when you need it including help with meals and basic necessities.

I encourage anyone who is finding it tough to reach out to their local neighbourhood house, Vinnies or Uniting for advice on what specific support is available to you.

Free financial advice is available by calling the National Debt Helpline (Victoria) on 1800 007 007, Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 5:00pm or visiting the National Debt Helpline’s Financial Counselling page at ndh.org.au/financial-counselling/find-a-financial-counsellor

Danny O’Brien MP

The Nationals Member for Gippsland South


A wonderful service

Kudos to Stratford Cemetery Trust for the amazing effort that was done for the WW2 memorial service.

The cemetery looked superb with all the poppies, and the flags that were on each grave, of which was 150. There wasn’t a blade of grass out of place. The service was lovely, all the names being read out, of our heroes, and the lovely young man who sang our national anthem, and an old favourite ‘Till we meet again’. As a daughter of one of the 150, I felt proud and humbled that so many people put in such an effort to honour them. Not forgetting the wonderful flyover by the RAAF.

Cecilia Temple



Where does your food and fibre come from?

Friday, November 17 was Ag Day, a day where the agriculture industry and the hundreds of thousands of people employed in it are fittingly acknowledged and celebrated.

Victoria, and in particular my Eastern Victoria electorate is home to world class food and fibre producers.

Statistically speaking, Victoria does much of the heavy lifting when it comes to agriculture in Australia.

Our farmers produce 64 per cent of the nation’s milk, 47 per cent of the nation’s lamb, 70 per cent of the nation’s table and dried grapes, 35 per cent of nations fruit and nuts, 22 per cent of the nation’s vegetable, 21 per cent of the nation’s beef and 17 per cent of the nation’s grain.

Agriculture also contributes massively to our export markets with total food and fibre exports contributing a whopping $17.9 billion to the economy.

All this produce originates from the 21,600 registered farm businesses across in regional and peri urban Victoria – they are impressive statistics.

Growing up on a dairy farm is something I will cherish, it gave me an understanding of the challenges and tractor loads of hard work required to produce quality food from paddock to plate.

This year, may I take the opportunity on Ag Day to go further than a ‘shout out’ to our wonderful farmers across regional Victoria.

The Nationals know Ag Day is a chance to raise awareness of the high quality produce our farmers prepare for us all from behind the farm gate.

For those of us who live in the regions, we understand the importance production, processing, manufacturing, transport, marketing and all the workers that underpin of the supply chain.

This Ag Day let us celebrate all those workers who are an integral part of our high quality food and fibre sector.

A sincere thank you to all our fabulous farmers and their families for your role in feeding and clothing us.

Melina Bath

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region