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Council should not support sands mine

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | What are Wellington Shire Council's objectives and vision for protecting and promoting tourism in the near future in consideration of the state government advancing mining in our region?

Tourism a better option than duck hunting

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | But whether it's three months, three weeks or three days, most believe bird shooting has no place in a modern society.

Council needs some innovative strategies

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | We need leadership from the mayor to do more than just 'keep the wheels turning'.

Bus stops should be reinstated in Sale

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Where are our buses?

Concerns over sands mine water use

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The Nationals seem to have a flexible attitude to allocations of water.

We must acknowledge massacres occurred

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | I imagine some people in the community might be feeling shocked at the defacement of the Angus McMillan cairn in Bundalaguah.

Improved access to education is needed

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | I am concerned about the access to education our kids have in the area, including Sale, Stratford, Maffra, Longford and Rosedale.

Duck hunting season should be replaced by feral cat hunting

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | I am firmly of the belief that the control and eradication of feral cats far exceeds the benefit of any misguided belief that it's somehow okay to annually slaughter a species of our endangered native bird life

Council mine decision does not reflect residents’ views

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | East Gippsland deserves a council that will promote development and growth and keep our skilled workforce employed locally.

A tribute to Gwen Webb OAM

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Today I pay tribute to our dearest Gwenny, who became a close friend and mentor, especially to our three children one of which, who started in Gippsland all those years ago with pneumonia, is now director of the East Gippsland Art Gallery.

Staying positive and healthy in tough times

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Staying healthy during the continued challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic requires us to have resilience; to accept and adapt to the situation and soldier on despite the stressful circumstances.

Clever device helps rid areas of feral cats

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | To accelerate the demise of feral cats, an Australian research team has invented a lethal device which exploits a cat's innate desire to be spotlessly clean.

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