North Sale Kinder’s spiny stick insect eggs hatch

Sale North Kindergarten students learning about insects. Photos: Contributed

SALE North Kindergarten have announced that over the past four weeks, their Spiny Stick Insect eggs that were laid in June last year have hatched, and they have been able to provide many kindergartens in the area with their own insects.

[Originally published April 30 2024.]

The small creatures have gone to Hyland, Gwenfa Hampton, Longford, Gormandale, Briagolong, and East Sale kindergartens, and also to Little Saints Childcare Centre, Maffra where children can watch them grow. They will also get to hold the insects when they are little bigger.

Eucalyptus (gum) leaves are eaten by all phasmid species and they drink droplets from the leaves when watered using a misting spray bottle.

At Sale North Kindergarten, children have been helping to care for the insects; changing the leaves each week and spraying them with misted water each day. By observing and interacting with insects, children can learn about biology and ecology. They can also develop research skills, as well as observation, classification, and experimentation skills.

Stick insects or phasmids eat leaves and they make a great addition to any classroom or home as they are easy to maintain.