Letter to the editor | I’d vote for Darren if he went independent

Dawn Stubbs, Munro

MANY years ago a handsome young reporter turned up from WIN Television to do a story about our Christmas exhibition.

He was quietly spoken and seemed very interested.

He even said that he would come back and do a story about our whole family — which he did — and it went to air between Christmas and New Year.

It proved to be the most profitable holiday season we had.

Fast forward 20 or more years and a cheerful Gippsland MHR Darren Chester met seven artists from Concerned Artists Resisting Extinction in his offices at Parliament House.

We were there to plead our case for Australia’s species decline.

Some of my environmental leanings have been a sticking point over the years and so I can’t in all honesty vote for a party that disregards what’s happening to our natural world.

The rate of species loss in Australia through deforestation for one reason or another is alarming.

There is no coincidence between a warming planet that is happening at the same time that we have deforested our world.

In David Attenborough’s latest book, it is calculated that in 2020 the world has only 35 per cent of wild forests left.

The more that’s taken, the more the situation gets worse.

I congratulate Darren on his latest article in the Herald Sun, not a paper I would read, but I read through social media.

His dedication to his electorate over the years is commendable.

For the Nationals to recycle an idiot that is only interested in himself is shameful.

Dropping a decent politician like Darren Chester in the process shows how backward- thinking they really are.

If you went Independent Darren you would definitely get my vote.

I think even the people that have never voted for you would do the same.