Letter to the editor | Net zero push not just from ‘greenies’

Tony Smith, Sale

MS Davidson misses the point of my letter which was to rebut the assertion made the week before in letters to the editor that Zero Net Emissions by 2050 was a “net zero (emissions) is a wacky green policy promoted by the arrogant inner-city left …”
Indeed, my letter stated that of all of the 196 governments that signed the Paris Agreement in 2015, none were Green.
Similarly, the Australian state governments that have signed up to ZNE2050 are Labor or Coalition — again no Green.
The evidence of both of those statements are widespread and easy to Google search.
Many countries have publicly stated their intentions to achieve zero net emissions by 2050 or earlier — also an easy Google search Ms Davidson discusses my statement that China supports net zero by 2060 – which is indeed a correct statement – and draws comparisons to relative coal use, which is to divert from my original statement.
I did not, nor did I intend to comment on each country’s performance to date in working towards their stated targets — which in general is below par and contrary to their stated intentions.
However, I did discuss the movement within Australia to achieve zero net emissions that is coming from various sectors and industry groups — not just so-called ‘green groups’.
Last Monday’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report should be enough to galvanise world leaders into action, but ‘welded on’ ideology is difficult to shift.
Enough said.