Letter to the editor | Lockdowns unsustainable

John Buxton, Bundalaguah

I WRITE to raise my concerns about the lockdowns that we are being forced to live under.
While I understand the desire to control and minimise the spread of the virus, the cost and personal consequences of the lockdowns are not being considered.
This cannot go on.
We have to find a new way of dealing with this.
There are huge incalculable costs associated with these lockdowns.
It is destroying people’s lives, and I am sure that there will be a lot of small business people who will have lost everything.
These are working class people who have strived for years to build up businesses, just to see them destroyed through no fault of their own.
Even for those who are still able to go to work, the lockdowns are taking away from our enjoyment in life.
There is nothing to look forward to.
No music gig at the local hall.
Not allowed to catch up with friends and wider family members for social events.
Sporting events are cancelled.
No travel — for a lot of people, this means no holiday.
Shutting down the whole state when the virus cases are in known locations is disadvantaging the whole community when there is no need.
And in the most recent case, based on false information (the virus was incorrectly detected in the sewage system in Wangaratta).
We need to find a way of treating and controlling the virus for people who are infected with it.
If we can do that, then the pressure will be taken off the hospital system.
In a free society it is much better to allow people to manage our own risk and let us get on with our lives.