Crime up in Wellington

CRIME has increased in the Wellington Police Service Area, but police have made significant in-roads to reducing residential burglaries, the latest crime statistics reveal.

The statistics compare the 12 months to June 2014 with the 12 months to June 2013, with theft from motor vehicles remaining a concern in Wellington PSA.

Overall crime in Wellington PSA rose 6.4 per cent, keeping with the 3.7 per cent rise across the state, but local police have seen significant improvement in a number of categories with robbery (14 offences compared to two), assault (649 to 618), property damage (502 to 474) and theft of motor vehicle (75 to 64) all down.

A big decrease was recorded in residential burglaries, with 236 offences down from 299, while other burglary with 177 offences down from 200.

Drug offences in the Wellington PSA were down by 4.4 per cent, bucking the state trend of a 6.5 per cent increase.

Crime against property increased, with 2376 offences recorded, up 8.3 per cent from 2194 in 2012-13.

Inspector Rob Wallace said police remained committed to reducing the impacts of crime and road trauma on the community.

“Considerable effort and resources have been drawn towards achieving positive outcomes for our community,” he said.

“Local and state taskforce units have been specifically tasked in an effort to reduce crime, speed, fatigue, drug and alcohol related offences.”

Theft from motor vehicle continues to be of concern, with a slight increase to 312 offences from 308.

“Although several arrests have been made, it remains a concern that many people are not locking their vehicles when unattended,” Inspector Wallace said.

Inspector Wallace said police would focus on assaults, alcohol/drug affected and speeding drivers as well as vehicles and motor cycles engaging in off road activities during the next quarter.

Wellington PSA recorded an increase in both fatalities (up to six from three) and injuries (up to 227 from 202).

“We are working hard alongside a dedicated team of Highway Patrol members and partner agencies to reduce the number of collisions,” Inspector Wallace said.

“As we now enter spring and our rainy season, it is a timely reminder to ensure you drive to the conditions and ensure your vehicles are in a safe and roadworthy condition.

“We will continue to focus on the liquor industry in an effort to minimise anti-social behaviour of patrons in and around licensed premises.

“This is in addition to our day to day functions throughout the PSA.

“We continue to ask for your assistance in reporting any suspicious behaviour to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

People who require urgent police attention should phone 000.

Wellington PSA Statistics (raw offences): comparing 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, percentage change.

Crime against the person 2012-13, 748, 2013-14, 772, increase 3.2 per cent.

Crime against property 2194, 2376, increase 8.3 per cent.

Drug offences 183, 173, decrease of 4.4 per cent.

Other crime 763, 813, up 6.6 per cent.

Total crime 3888, 4136, up 6.4 per cent.

Selected crimes:

Robbery 14, 2.

Assault 649, 618, down 4.8 per cent

Assault (excluding family violence) 403, 373, down 7.4 per cent.

Property damage 502, 474, down 5.6 per cent

Burglary (residential) 299, 236, down 21.1 per cent.

Burglary (other) 200, 177, down 11.5 per cent

Theft from motor vehicle 308, 312, increase 1.3 per cent.

Theft of motor vehicle 75, 64, down 14.7 per cent

Road policing:

Fatalities 3, 6.

Injuries 202, 227, up 12.4 per cent.