Level crossing upgrades

LEVEL crossing safety on the Gippsland train line has been improved with the successful trial of newly installed axle counter technology east of Traralgon.

The $8.3 million upgrade of the line, which was closed for months because of corrosion affecting level crossing warning systems was welcomed by Deputy Premier and Gippsland South MLA Peter Ryan.

“I am pleased to announce the active trial of axle counter technology here in Gippsland is a success and it will be implemented on all 32 level crossings between Traralgon and Bairnsdale,” Mr Ryan said.

“The axle counters will supersede the track circuits, currently used to detect trains at automated level crossings, which were affected by corrosion,” Mr Ryan said.

“This $8.3 million major safety upgrade will future-proof automated rail crossings on the Gippsland line, with the installation spanning 110km of track.

“The Victorian Coalition Government has invested a total of $28 million on new infrastructure on the Gippsland line over the past four years, this is in addition to the millions spent on maintenance of the line.

“We have kept our promise to the community to deliver these enhanced safety systems and will continue to prioritise safety on the rail network,” Mr Ryan said.

Gippsland East MLA Tim Bull said the axle counters would trigger new automated crossings with flashing lights, warning bells or boom gates.

“The axle counters detect the number of wheels on a train approaching a level crossing and compares that with the number of wheels when the train passes through the crossing,” Mr Bull said.

Mr Bull said in addition to the $8.3 million works program, automated level crossing ugrades will be undertaken at Myrtlebank Rd, Sale, Flynns Creek Rd, Rosedale, and Upper Flynns Creek Rd, Traralgon.

“As part of the Princes Highway duplication, traffic lights and a roundabout at Minniedale Rd near Traralgon (will be) integrated with improvements to the train line,” Mr Bull said.