Drugged, speeding driver nabbed

Police have labelled the actions of a 20-year-old drugged, speeding driver as “plain stupidity” after he was allegedly caught driving at 143 kilometres per hour in a 100kmh zone.

Wellington Highway Patrol officers intercepted a speeding vehicle on Rosedale-Longford Rd at Longford at 6.42pm on Thursday and say a preliminary drug test indicated a positive result.

Another sample will be analysed by forensics.

In addition to an immediate six month licence suspension, the driver was also fined.

Police say a further penalty may be imposed subject to drug testing results.

Wellington Highway Patrol officer in charge Sergeant Luke Banwell said the driver’s behaviour beggared belief.

“It contravenes almost every safety protocol in the book and defies logic,” he said.

“It’s plain stupidity.

“The motoring community don’t deserve to have other vehicles careering toward them at 143kmh, let alone if the offending driver is also under the influence of alcohol or other substances.”

Sgt Banwell said actions like this placed other drivers and their families at significant risk.

“Should a collision occur involving speeds as high as this the end result will be catastrophic,” he said.

“If offending drivers are not going to consider their own safety, at least they could give some thought to their own family and friends who will suffer immeasurably should a serious collision occur.”

Sgt Banwell said Wellington Highway Patrol and Sale police would continue their efforts to provide a safer road traffic environment.

“Numerous operations are either planned or currently underway with the onset of the warmer weather and festive season.

“These operations are supported with significant additional resourcing by the State Highway Patrol,” he said.