Walkerville man over the limit, driving while disqualified

A 54-YEAR-old Walkerville man, caught driving while disqualified, blew more than five times the legal alcohol limit.

Foster police members intercepted a 54-year-old Walkerville man on Promontory Rd, Foster on Sunday.

The car was intercepted around 7.20pm and the driver was breath tested. He returned a positive preliminary breath test at the scene and was taken to a police station where he returned a reading of 0.258 per cent.

He will be charged on summons with drink driving, driving while disqualified and consume intoxicating liquor whilst driving.

Victoria Police is currently conducting its biggest ever road safety campaign, including 43 local operations and 22 State Highway Patrol operations. All officers, regardless of their work environment, will respond if they observe irresponsible behaviour on the roads.