Police target off-roaders following collisions

HAVE fun and enjoy yourself, but don’t put yourself or anyone else at risk.

That’s the message local police are trying to spread across the Wellington and East Gippsland shires with the launch of operations Mudcup-11 and Banjo.

Between December last year and May this year recreational off-road motorcycle collisions accounted for 30 per cent of all serious injury collisions in Wellington Shire.

Sen-Sergeant Jerry Barlow said it was important people remembered that vehicles still needed to be registered and roadworthy and riders licensed, even when off-road.

“The terrain is generally remote and dangerous, so being prepared with a roadworthy vehicle and the appropriate protective equipment is a must,” he said.

“If your vehicle and equipment aren’t up to it, you are putting yourself and everyone around you at risk of serious injury.”

Local members from across Wellington and east Gippsland have been joined by State Highway Patrol and Solo Unit members to saturate the High Country during the operations.

Sen-Sgt Barlow said popular High Country areas could be remote and people should consider being equipped with a personal EPIRB as there was often no mobile phone coverage.

He said this would help emergency services locate those in trouble.

“The last thing we want to be doing in the lead up to the summer holiday season is knocking on someone’s door to tell them their loved one is missing, seriously injured or worse,” Sen-Sgt Barlow said.