Candidate statements – Gippsland South

CHILDREN with special needs will have a new purpose built learning facility, with a commitment of $15 million for a new Sale Specialist School. This in addition to the $4 million delivered for land and stage one of the project.

We will deliver additional train services to and from Sale during the week, as well as additional weekend services. This is on top of the extra bus services and track upgrades we have already delivered.

Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club is set for a $1.5 million upgrade, and $835,000 was invested in a new swimming pool at Rosedale.

Central Gippsland Health Service recently received an additional $76,300 to improve mental health services, and $500,000 to assist patients who are drug and alcohol affected.

Fire stations throughout the region have received upgrades, new firefighting equipment and tankers, including Golden Beach, Longford, Nambrok, Loch Sport, Wurruk and Rosedale.

We have allocated $4.75 million to the co-location of the Gippsland Art Gallery and the Sale public library at the Port of Sale, along with $300,000 to the refurbishment of the northern end of the Sale shopping precinct.

We will invest a further $10 million to continue the upgrade of the Macalister Irrigation District, which is on top of the $17 million we have already invested.

We have also delivered millions of dollars to the region through our $1 billion Regional Growth Fund, which will continue to deliver for the region over the coming four years.

Construction of the new $18.2 million Sale police station is well underway, with the project to be complete early 2015.

I ask that the people of Gippsland South support me and the Nationals in making sure our region continues to receive our fair share and more.

THE Greens offer a platform of transparency in governance, for too long the Coalition and Labor have accepted donations from big business to run election campaigns.

These are not gifts, they are investments, they expect something in return and it comes at the expense of good governance.

The Greens will stand against the coal seam gas industry and new coal developments to protect farmland and our precious water resources.

We are told by Mr Ryan that the water act would trigger the EPBC act but this is not secure, it would be up to the discretion of the federal Environment Minister to require an environment impact statement. Given the track record of our federal government, there is no safety net there.

We do not want to shut down the timber industry as often claimed. We would manage the regional forestry agreement properly to put the timber industry on a sustainable course.

Help farmers with access to low or no cost solar power to protect them from carbon emission charges in the future at no cost to taxpayers.

Create thousands of new jobs in the renewable energy sector, this could link through universities with research and development and TAFE’s to give our kids quality, on the job training.

You cannot build a strong economy without education and training; rebuilding education and training opportunities through our TAFE system is essential.

The Greens have a strong commitment to improving public transport throughout the state including regional areas.

I WILL fight to ensure road taxes and registration monies are poured back into Gippsland roads.

I strongly support camping, fishing, shooting, hunting and four-wheel driving and the unlocking of our bush tracks for recreational use by all Victorian’s while protecting our rights from inappropriate management of our State Forests and National Parks, resulting in damage to the environment.

I will not support coal seam gas exploration, and wish to see better protection and compensation for farmers and farming land against fracking. As currently there is no protection against drilling companies taking over farmland.

I want to see our farmers get on with what they do best farming and not get bogged down with red and green tape and endless paperwork.

I will seek increased funding for the Central Gippsland Health Service to bring it up to 21st century standard to cope with the growing population.

Australian Country Alliance will commit $15 million to address the growing Ice epidemic in Gippsland. These funds will be used as school-based education programs along with detox and rehab facilities.

The cost to communities from the flow-on effects of Ice addiction can no longer be ignored.

Protect business, agriculture and jobs by promoting and encouraging the mindset of Australian made and owned.

Improved access to affordable education and vocational training facilities so we may train the local youth with the skills needed to further their ability to achieve gainful employment.

I AM standing up against new coal and gas fields in Gippsland.

It is urgent that our government legislates against the unchecked expansion of these toxic industries that degrade our air, pollute our water and destroy our land. These rural issues are rarely heard and mostly misunderstood in government, and I am ready to speak up.

South Gippsland is prime agricultural land that needs protection. We stand to lose our farms, industries, tourism, healthy lifestyle and communities if multinational mining companies take our land.

The mining industry employs less than two per cent of Australians; tourism more than 10 per cent. More than 90 per cent of mining revenue goes overseas, so why do they have more right to our land than we do?

My policies focus on a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, supporting local energy hubs, development of sustainable local industries, and supporting our small rural communities.

People are afraid of losing their rich, fertile land, of the effects of climate change, and what future there is for our children and grandchildren.

I am angry enough to stand up for what I believe, with honesty and a code of ethics that tell me it is wrong to pretend that it’s okay to keep selling off our country very cheaply overseas.

Remaining candidates:

Patrick Winterton — Rise Up Australia

Lynn Psaila — Labor

All Gippsland South candidates were contacted to submit statements.

The statements published were provided before deadline.

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