Candidate runs to ‘expose corruption’

GERARD Donohue has entered the Gippsland South by-election to “expose corruption” in the judicial and political systems.

Mr Donohue, from Korumburra, decided to run as an independent while on the steps of the Supreme Court on Thursday, a day before the nomination deadline.

He presented a petition to the court demanding the writ issued for last year’s state election be made public. The judge has reserved their decision.

For an election to take place, a writ is issued by the Governor-General for a federal poll or governor in the states.

Because the election writs are not made public, Mr Donohue has not voted since 1999.

Mr Donohue said he became a candidate to highlight the issue.

“I had no intention to be in politics, but I’m interested in exposing the corruption I see in the judicial and political systems,” he said.

“I ask for the writ before I vote. The writ is the monarch’s contract to the people for electing the parliament to govern us. I didn’t get the writ.

“An election is a fraud if they can’t produce a writ.”