Chance to change direction: Lib Dems

THE people of Gippsland South have an opportunity to choose a new direction for the electorate, according to Liberal Democratic Party candidate Jim McDonald.

The party bases its policies around reducing the affect government has on everyday life.

Mr McDonald, who lives near Trafalgar but grew up on a family farm near Meeniyan, said the by-election presented a chance for voters in the traditionally safe conservative seat to look at who would represent them in parliament.

“If we keep voting the same way we always have, we keep getting what we’ve always got,” he said.

Mr McDonald said there should be limited government interference on regulating of land rights and sensible vegetation management.

“We want to minimise government interference on farming activity,” he said.

“The government has no place in our lounge rooms or in our paddocks.”

In relation to the onshore gas activities, Mr McDonald believed farmers should have more power over accepting approaches from companies to use their land.

“In my opinion, farmers should be given ownership over the recourses under their land,” he said.

“People have lost faith in the government approval process.

“Governments see the revenue. When you remove the revenue from government you remove that incentive.

“If farmers are given that revenue, it will benefit the wider community.

“When farmers do well, Gippsland does well.

“Farmers should never be forced to approve access to their land.”

To help stimulate the economy, the LDP advocates a reduction in pay roll tax and stamp duty on home purchases.

“People are fed up with red tape and green tape when they want to start a business or start something new,” Mr McDonald said.

“We want to encourage business to grow.”