Nationals propose farmer veto on CSG

THE Nationals have taken a step towards attracting the vote of residents concerned about the affect of unconventional gas operations on farmland.

The party has announced landholders should have the right to veto coal seam gas operations on their property.

The position has been supported by the Greens, who will be campaigning on the issue ahead of the Gippsland South by-election.

Preferences from Greens voters will play a part in determining if the Nationals or Liberals win the by-election.

Nationals state leader Peter Walsh said the party had heard the concerns of communities and will demand stronger safeguards for landholders regarding onshore CSG operations should the industry ever develop in Victoria.

“The Nationals support landowners having the right to say no to coal seam gas extraction activity on their property.”

“We also believe the regions where mining takes place should share the benefits from the activity. The Nationals support the introduction of a landowner and community benefit structure, so that when mining activity takes place the local community and landowner get a share of the wealth to invest in local priorities,” he said.

“The Victorian Nationals will never support any activity that risks harm to our state’s water or land assets.”